April 17, 2015


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Contact: Tom Rigoli


Multibeam Secures Two Patents Encompassing Multicolumn E-Beam Inspection
Newly issued patents extend proprietary Complementary E-Beam
Lithography (CEBL) technology to rapid inspection/reduction of small

physical defects, thus enabling faster yield ramp.

SANTA CLARA, CA - April 17, 2015 - Multibeam Corporation, a leading developer of Complementary E-Beam Lithography (CEBL) systems, today confirmed that it was issued two patents by the USPTO last week. The new patents collectively integrate process control that encompasses the rapid inspection and reduction of small physical defects. The crucial advances driven by the newly issued patents are briefly described below:


Patent No. US8999627

Inspects wafer for defects following CEBL patterning in an integrated E-Beam system. Through feedforward and feedback control, small physical defects, including edge placement errors, can be quickly identified by comparing defect patterns with CEBL's "cut database" thereby rapidly reducing defects and enabling fast yield ramp in implementing new processes or fabricating new ICs.


Patent No. US8999628

Quickly identifies small physical defects on wafer during after-etch inspection (AEI) following CEBL patterning and resist development in an integrated litho-etch system. Through feedforward and feedback control and "die-to-database" comparison, the etch process is quickly optimized to reduce defects, further accelerating yield ramps. Faster yield ramping reduces cost and cycle time, and speeds time-to-market for CEBL users.


About Multibeam

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Multibeam Corporation is the leader in multicolumn e-beam technology for semiconductor lithography and wafer inspection. The company's Complementary E-Beam Lithography (CEBL) system augments optical lithography for patterning critical layers by eliminating optical multi-patterning at advanced technology nodes. CEBL patterns line-cuts in polysilicon gate layers, metal interconnect layers, and fins in finFET devices; it also patterns contact and via holes. Multibeam's CEBL systems support high-volume as well as low-volume IC manufacturing. The company's multicolumn e-beam inspection technology complements both optical bright-field defect inspection and single-column e-beam inspection for electrical defects. Multibeam is led by Dr. David K. Lam, founder and former CEO of Lam Research Corporation. For more information, visit

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