David Lam Talks at 2012 SPIE Advanced Lithography


Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XXVI

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2012 SPIE Advanced Lithography is playing host to industry-veteran David Lam.


E-Beam Inspection (EBI) is indispensable, but today's single-column EBI systems will not meet future inspection demands.  Multibeam presents its multi-column technology will increase the speed and efficiency of wafer inspection.

Multibeam has built several generations of high-resolution all-electrostaticcolumns. The elimination of magnetic coils and magnetic hysteresis enables the columns to be small, fast, and arrayable. An array of 100 columns covers the entire surface of a 300mm wafer, affording simultaneous cross-wafer sampling. Column design, performance simulations, system architecture, and throughput estimates will be presented. Also provided are examples to illustrate the benefits of multiple-column inspection.


[Paper No. 8324-122]






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About David Lam

David Lam is probably best known for Lam Research (NASDAQ: LRCX), which he founded in 1980. Under his guidance as CEO, the company introduced the industry's first fully automated plasma etching system for semiconductor manufacturing. Lam Research has since become a global leader in semiconductor capital equipment.  Lam uses his experience and expertise to provide guidance to emerging technology enterprises.  Lam received his Ph.D. in engineering from M.I.T.

Dr. David K. Lam
Founder of Lam Research, and currently 
 Chairman of Multibeam Corporation and the David Lam Group


About Multibeam Corporation

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Multibeam Corporation is a leading developer of multi-column e-beam technologies that add high value to semiconductor lithography by doing away with costly masks. The company's Complementary E-Beam Lithography (CEBL) system augments optical lithography at critical layers by eliminating expensive optical multiple patterning at 20nm processing nodes and beyond. Multibeam's systems can also be cost-efficiently leveraged as primary lithographic tools for low-volume production of ASICs as well as in multi-project wafer programs. Multibeam's patent-protected e-beam technologies encompass deployment of multi-column arrays to perform wafer inspection. For more information, visit

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