November 2015
Semiconductor Engineering Interview of David Lam
May 2015
eBeam Initiative Interview: David Lam, Perspectives on CEBL
June 2014
From the eBeam Initiative: David Lam
January 2014
Waiting for Next-Generation Lithography...
October 2013
Getting Direct on Litho
One-on-one with David Lam
September 2013
SPIE Photomask Technology

Charting CEBLís Role in Mainstream Semiconductor Lithography
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All engineering, manufacturing and operations are located at our Santa Clara, California, U.S.A. headquarters:

Multibeam Corporation

3951 Burton Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054, U.S.A.
Tel: 408.980.1800
Fax: 408.980.1808

General Inquiries: info@multibeamcorp.com

Sales Inquiries and Requests for Proposal: 
If you would like more technical information about Multibeam Corporation or are interested in submitting a request for proposal, please contact Lynn Barringer, President, at barringerl@multibeamcorp.com, Tel: 408-980-1800 Ext.8.

Corporate Communications:
Tom Rigoli, Vice President

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